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Shelving Racking System

Heavy Duty rack system consist upright frame assembly, beams and sectional shelving. The frame assemblies are erected upright and the beams are hooked in to it at the required level heights. The beams are height adjustable at 75mm pitch.
The sectional shelving are placed on level created by two beams hooked at the same height in the front and rear. The shelving are inter connected. The shoe of the upright frames is anchored to the floor. The beams are locked for accidentally coming out during the storage operations.

All metal parts such as upright frame assembly, beams, shelving are pretreated for zinc phosphating and powder painted. The first rack in the row is a basic rack and has two upright frames and the adjacent racks are known as add on racks and have one upright frame assembly. The rack system is type tested at factory. In the racking system there are two types of rack: Basic Racks: It is the start rack and having two upright frame assemblies. It is also said the independent rack. Add On Racks: have single upright frame assemblies. This is required in racking system after basic rack when number of racks are placed in a straight row.

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