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Mould Rack

Mould racks are ideal storage device for heavy weight items such as, moulds, dies, modules, electric motors. It is in modular and knocked down design provides full flexibility. The racks are available in two options with and without chain pulley hoist device and monorail. The top shelf can be used as a fixed mould storage  when rack not built in with chain pulley hoist and monorail. The mould drawers are sturdy chequered sheet shelf with at least 60% of the depth of rack extendable. In order to remove the mould from the rack simply put out fully the drawer on which the mould is placed. Pull the monorail trolley and the chain hoist above the opened drawer with mould. Attach the hook of the hoist to the mould. Lift the mould with the chain hoist about 50mm above the drawer. Push back the drawer into the rack. The drawer gets locked automatically with safety lock provided. Again to re-open the drawer, it needs to pull the knob of safety lock. The chain pulley block is operated to lower the mould to the ground or pallet lying in the front of the rack . The mould further can be moved to the machine with a pallet truck. In the mould racks without chain pulley hoist, moulds are handled with over head cranes.


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