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सर्वेत्र सुखिनः सन्तु, सर्वे सन्तु निरामय:

Let all be happy, Let all be healthy, Let all be safe, Let no one ever suffer from sorrow.

Spirituality in the workplace is about individuals and organisations seeing work as a spiritual path, as an opportunity to grow and to contribute to society in a meaningful way. It is about care, compassion and support of others; about integrity and people being true to themselves and others. It means individuals and organisations attempting to live their values more fully in the work they do.

“Steelfur creates a holistic atmosphere for team to upgrade themselves both intellectually and spiritually”

Holistic Development

Puja is essential for mainting spirituality and get a good life with blessing of almity it can be connect our mind body and soul.

Kaizen Mela

Yoga Day

Yoga helps to brings physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxing.

Award and Recognition

Appreciation expressed through recognition of their valuable work which satisfy, motivate and rise productivity

Health is wealth

Taking care of health is also equally important aspect.

Fun at Work

Fun at work place proven to improve teamwork, build trusting relationships and increase Productivity.

Diwali Celebration

A wonderful colorful festival of Diwali we Steelfurien's celebrated with full enthusiasm.

Dushra Poojan

Steelfur Promote to save environment.

As we know that a drop of water is a life saving factor so we should not waste a water, And for that we have a rain water harvesting at place which helps to Save Environment and water every year which we further reuse in our process.

What Our Steelfur Pariwar feels about Spirituality at workplace

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