Tip for getting a good night's sleep

If you keep a regular sleep schedule, going to bed and getting up at the same time each day, you will feel much more refreshed and energized than if you sleep the same number of hours at different times.  This holds true even if you alter your sleep schedule by only an hour or two. Consistency is important.

Wire Products

The STEELFUR Gondola Display System & Wire Products for Display are especially designed for Super Stores & Malls.



  • Available in customised sizes.
  • High quality and corrosion resistance powder coating.
  • Modular, Durable & Economic Concept for eye catching displays of products.


  • Storge of light Loads of different varieties & where material movement is average.
  • Shopping malls, Super Stores, Display Centres.


  • System with fast level readjustment most suitable for office environment.
  • Long Life.
  • Increases Storage capacity.
  • Less investment cost than real estate

Other Products

  • Bin Stacks[Adani Type]
  • Square Revolving Stand
  • Sq.Dump Stand
  • Hex Dump Stand
  • Broom Stand
  • Hex Bowl
  • Round Baskets
  • Sq.Baskets
  • Display Wire Grill
  • Hooks for Wire Grill
  • Step Shower
  • Slanted Shower
  • Garment Shower
  • U Bar
  • Space Bar